simpleAdminPlus v1.0


This documentation is designed to show you all the functions in the simpleAdminPlus class allowing you to figure out how to piece the functions together to build your application.


simpleAdminPlus works with MySQL databases, so you will need to supply your Server Name, MySQL username and password, and the MySQL database name. If you are unsure how to set up this information contact your hosting company.

	include 'classes/simpleAdminPlus.php';

	$simpleAdmin = new simpleAdminPlus('servername', 'username', 'password', 'database_name');

About simpleAdminPlus

simpleAdminPlus has been separated into four different classes and is held together by the core class. You can reference each class by $simpleAdmin->(class)

Core $simpleAdmin
- The core class is a shortcut to the other classes
Query $simpleAdmin->query
- The query class makes it easier to create, remove, update, and display items in a database table
Form $simpleAdmin->form
- The form class is designed to help create form elements (input boxes, textareas, and select boxes) and autofill each element with the correct value
Image $simpleAdmin->image
- The image class makes it easier to upload, resize, convert, and save images to a desired folder.